Wayuu Tribe History

Wayuu people.

Wayuu tribe is a Native America indigenous group originated from the amazon rainforest. These have been forced to find a new home due to several conflicts, the Wayuu tribe fought – the Spanish, the government and currently the mother nature.

The Wayuu language is called Arawakan and it is spoken by around 300.000 indigenous. Although, the new generations can also speak Spanish fluently.

Nowadays are divided in 30 different clans (each one with its own territory and icon) inhabiting a land shared by Venezuela and Colombia, La Peninsula Guajira — Land of the sun and wind, that consequently is extremely arid, forcing people to fight against this natural adversity. These circumstances are by far not their only challenge. Inequalities, such as discrimination, racism and violence from non-indigenous people are are threatening the tribes as well.

Being great craftsmen and merchants, gaining skills through their first contact between Wayuu culture and the European countries introduced by Spanish sailors, the Wayuu tribe managed to change mentality, ending territorial conflicts in order to create larger social structures based on trade.

The Peace warriors.

In 2004, the Wayuu people was targeted by a paramilitary group. Pablo, the commander, ordered to massacre a Wayuu clan, resulting in several assassinations and other kinds of horror. Due to its strategic location, Pablo’s objective was to conquer their territory and establish illegal drug trafficking routes. However, the Wayuu women were able to stop him and ended the bloody conflict.

After this massacre, Wayuu women gained a crucial role within this community, organizing and leading the different clans. Creating a peace group called “Mujeres Tejiendo Paz” – “Women Weaving Peace” – making them real peace warriors with the objective of defend the Wayuu interests and respect for ancestral Wayuu territory.

Their biggest fear.

After so many battles and challenges throughout their history, today, the Wayuu people are probably facing the most complex problem, they are at risk of losing their ancestral way of life.

And this because of the terrible drought that has been dramatically affected the region, unfortunately, all the help asked to the government was so far, useless. In an obvious way, their traditional form of subsistence is becoming increasingly difficult to mantain. Especially when the lack of water is an enormous issue. But this cry for help that no-one hear was already targeted by an European Humanitarian Organization that is trying to help the Wayuu people.

Now, it is our turn to help.

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