Outfits to use with my Wayuu Bag

Wayuu bags are produced by the Wayuu tribe, located in La Guajira in the north of Colombia, all bags are handmade, so it will hardly come out two equal pieces, they are characterized by their originality and versatility, which allow us Combine them with various outfits.

For this we will give you some ways to look at these beautiful Wayuu bags.

1. With jeans in blue or white tone a shirt and some tennis to tone when we carry a Wayuu Bag not necessary to carry so many accessories, it is spectacular completed with a Wayuu pattern with vivid colors, that could use for the Spring and Summer.

2. Smooth or earth-colored Wayuu bags are ideal for completing an outfit with an ethnic touch, which you could use for autumn-winter.

3. The one color Wayuu bag (without patterns) allows us to combine them with pattern clothes, like dresses, shores, and sets, the touch of color they put their straps of incredible colors.

Wayuu Bags look with skirts

Wayuu Bags look with shorts

Wayuu Bags look with dresses

Wayuu Bags look with jeans

To use a Wayuu Bags, it is not necessary to wear so many accessories, since this bag is a very important accessory that draws all the attention in you, leaving any more cheerful clothes. You can use it in the ways that we mentioned before, since the Wayuu backpacks look beautiful with everything, with tennis, sandals, high shoe, shores, dresses, trousers, skirts, the versatility of these bags and the glamour that gives you with any type of clothes is really amazing, and best of all is that you can save a lot of things inside them.

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