How to differentiate Wayuu Bags Imitation from Original ones?

Wayuu Bags are COMFORTABLE, BEAUTIFUL and STYLISH. Therefore, it was just a matter of time until someone starts trying to create fake imitations of Wayúu bags.

This issue was directly reported by the Wayuu indigenous people. These reports came from Colombian factory based in Medellín, that is producing up to 500 mochilas in just one single day, selling these at a much lower price than the original ones.

Unfortunately, this is a catastrophe in the eyes of the indigenous. In an obvious way, this is an unfair competition where people are being “tricked” and the Wayúu people are losing little by little their identity and cultural heritage while mass factories are profiting from the Wayúu art which from indigenous people have lived off of for over years.
These companies take advantage of the Wayúu culture misunderstanding. Because it’s rare when someone really knows about its richness and technique complexity. That’s why a few weeks back we created a blog post to help you to understand a create a different connection with the Wayúu culture, here.

After talking with some of the tribe members we have decided to do intensive research online to understand whether or not these problems were just coming from Colombia. Unfortunately, we found out that Asian factories are also producing Wayúu bag imitations.

Knowing this, we have decided to write an article on how to differentiate imitations from the original Wayúu bags.

So how can you tell a real from a fake?

Price tag

Genuine Wayúu mochilas, due to the labor and history are not so expensive neither so economic. Although, the replica ones are super cheap (between 20$ to 50$).


As you may know, original Wayúu bags can stand on their own (as you can see on the pictures). The base of the bag is strong enough to hold the structure of the bag as you can see in the example.

The Weaves

Crochet is an art known by many, but not everybody can do so like the Wayuu tribes.
Pro tip: Look at the weaves, if they are loose, they are fake. If they are tight, it’s a real Wayúu mochila.

Once again, this is an art that transitions from generation to generation and part of the Wayúu women. Las Wayuu is fighting to give the indigenous a better life, helping them pass the word in an online world about the Wayuu bags.

Check our store and let’s help them together.

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