How to clean my Wayuu bag?

As you may know, each of mochilas bag are unique handmade pieces. They are made of several different materials, such as yarn, wool andcotton. Although they are designed to last a lifetime, taking special care of your mochila is a must.

For this reason, we wrote this article with a step-by-step in how to keep your Wayuu bag in a perfect condition.

To wash it, we advise you to avoid using the washing machine, however if you still want to do it, here is some tips: Put the Wayuu bag inside another special bag for sensitive garments. If you want to wash it by hand it is advisable that you use liquid or bar soap, so that they don’t leave any kind of residue. Careful, don’t use a washing brush as this can remove the threads, if the Wayuu bag is super dirty you can always leave it in soapy water for around 10 or 20 minutes before starting to wash it, it is also very important to keep the mochila away from bleaches or acids so that its color is maintained, You can also dey wash your Wayuu bag, so that it keeps its stiffness.

For drying it is advisable not to twist the mochila or use a dryerto remove the water, avoid prolonged exposure to the intense sun, make sure that the mochila is completely dryed before storing it, that will avoid bad smells.

Here are some tips that Las Wayuu recommends for taking care of your Wayuu bag.
  • Do not wash it in a washing machine;
  • Wash with liquid soap or in a bar so that it does not leave any residue;
  • Do not use a brush;
  • Dry wash it to maintain stiffness;
  •  If it is too dirty, leave it in soap and water for more and less 10 to 20 minutes before washing;
  •  Do not wring the backpack or expose the sun for a long time;
  • Do not use a dryer

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