Our Story


Back in 2013, a Portuguese named Filipe went to Brazil seeking new challenges, adventures and internship opportunities. Within the next months, he met his current girlfriend, Vanessa, a Colombian doing an exchange program in the same city.

They trip through South America, seeking to challenge the status quo and going to new, unknown places. In the Peninsula of Guajira, We know Wayuu People in their tribes in the middle of a desert, it was love by this culture at first sight.

The indigenous tribe, with its totally different lifestyle and approach to life and nature, its incredible tradition and fashion, has touched the couple emotionally.


Besides defending peace, Wayuu women have started to weave vibrant colored mochilas (bags) and sell them in hope to continue protecting their culture and identity. Nevertheless, dark days have arrived to the Wayuu community. Drought plagued the community for several years, leading to starvation and thirst. After a few days helping and supporting the tribe,  the couple decided to act towards this threat alongside the tribe!

It was when the idea of Las Wayuu was born, making it possible to fight back, tackle the challenges and introduce the uniqueness and culture into all corners of the world by exporting these magnificent mochilas. And at the same time providing outstanding, handmade mochilas to people that want to be unique and fight for things that really matter.


Save culture and costumes of Wayuu People, permitting create a sustainable economy to stay where they born forever. Las Wayuu encourages Fair trade practice.

Create a water system for tribes.

Provide education materials for children.

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